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......@@ -75,16 +75,25 @@ export RASPBIAN_SSH_CONFIG='/path/to/your-ssh-need.config'
### Content of file define by `RASPBIAN_SSH_CONFIG`
This file is compatible with bcm configuration file project.
This file is compatible with configuration file `SSH.config` describe in [bcm-runtime]( project.
But the only relevant entry for **** is `SSH_AUTHORIZED_KEYS`.
* `SSH_AUTHORIZED_KEYS` : each line should contain one public keys you want to add to file `~/.ssh/authorized_keys`.
This variable could be empty, but you should consider adding public key of your current machine.
Minimal requirement is following empty declaration:
### TODO list
- [x] Download last version
- [ ] Unzip file after downloading (optional)
- [x] Unzip file after downloading (optional)
- [ ] Check sha256 of zip file
- [ ] Allow to use directly zip file when creating image (bench needed)
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